Neon Layer Styles for Photoshop


Create your own digital neon signs with this set of 55 layer styles for Photoshop! These are .asl format layer styles, sometimes called "one click effects" and are very easy to use. Just add them to your Photoshop Styles panel, and click on one of the thumbnails to apply the layer style to your text or design. All the effects are fully editable, scalable, and non destructive.

I've also included two add-ons layer styles to create a contour around the neon sign and a glossy finish. These styles are optional and can be combined with any of the colored standard neon layer styles, by duplicating the base layer and applying these styles.

There are two color schemes available: bright and pastel, as well as two different neon tube styles (standard and stroke). Standard styles work well for shapes that already look like neon tubes, and stroke styles can be applied to objects such as bold fonts.

Also in this set, a collection of simple base shapes that can be used to create your neon signs. These shapes are provided in vector format (AI and EPS) and as individual 300 DPI PNG documents with transparent background.

In this set:

  • 12 standard bright neon styles
  • 12 standard pastel neon styles
  • 12 bright stroke neon styles
  • 12 pastel stroke neon styles
  • 1 standard white neon style
  • 1 white stroke neon style
  • 3 broken/off neon styles
  • 2 add-on layer styles (contour & glossy finish)
  • 1 cable generator layer style
  • neon sign shapes bases (AI, EPS and PNG)

What's included:

You will receive a ZIP containing the 55 neon layer styles + 1 cable generator style, in .asl format, a PDF instructions guide with pictures and detailed explanations, and a JPG preview sheet of all the layer styles included in the set.

Compatibility: Tested & working with Photoshop CS5 and up. These styles are for Photoshop only and won't work in Illustrator or other programs


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