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License terms

At the time of purchase, the quantity you choose for a product will determine the number of users allowed to use it.

You may use a purchased Product in a new End Product as long as the End Product meets the following requirements:

  • End Products must be significantly different than the original Product and require time, effort, and skill to produce.
  • End Products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original Product you purchased.
  • End Products must not redistribute the original Product to any third parties in a manner that allows for the extraction of the original Product.

An End Product For Sale can be either a digital design or physical
Product that you and/or your client intend to sell to more than a single person (wholesale, drop-shipping, etc.). For purposes of this license,“intend to sell” means you plan to sell, license, sub-license, or distribute the End Product for any type of fee or charge.

You may modify or manipulate the Product, or incorporate it into other content and make a derivative work from it.

You may not sublicense, resell, share, transfer, or otherwise redistribute the Product (e.g. as stock, in a tool or addon, with source files, and/or not incorporated into an End Product) under any circumstances, not even for free.

You may not make the Product available on a digital asset management system, shared drive, or the like for the purposes of sharing or transferring the Product, and you must not permit an end user of the End Product to extract the product files and use them separately from the End Product.

You may not register as a trademark the Product or the end product incorporating the Product – not even logos.