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Entropy: 20 Photoshop Glitch Actions

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A set of 20 glitch actions for Photoshop.

I was working on a set of abstract glitch style textures, when I thought about creating a series of actions that would replicate the process, so you can create your own distorted/glitch textures and backgrounds as well! The idea was to add a lot of distortions and filters to the base picture, so it won't be easily recognizable after the action has been applied, and therefore look more abstract. (So if you're looking for light/subtle glitch effects, this set is probably not the best for you).

The results are often surprising, and you can use any picture as a base for these actions. I did a lot of tests using pictures of crumpled aluminum foil, old walls, and exterior floor tiles, for example.

Please note: in order for these actions to work properly, they have to be applied either to a flattened image, or a document with a single layer.

You will receive 1 .atn file containing the 20 actions that you can directly add to your Photoshop actions collection. (Open the Actions panel in Photoshop, and in the menu choose "Load Actions" , just locate the action set and click on it, it will be added to your Actions panel. Two PNG preview files are also included. To apply an action to your picture, open the folder named "Entropy: glitch actions" in you actions panel, select the action of your choice, and click on the little play button at the bottom of the panel.

Non destructive result - the base layer is left as is.


Compatible with: Photoshop CC

File types: ATN, PNG

What's included: 20 Photoshop actions and preview sheet

Entropy: 20 Photoshop Glitch Actions
Entropy: 20 Photoshop Glitch Actions Sale price$9.00