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Retro Landscape Kit

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Create your own retro/80's inspired landscape scenes with this kit! It includes a lot of different elements, objects, textures and backgrounds, as well as 8 premade scenes. This set works great for creating 80's inspired compositions, CD or book covers, wallpapers, and more.

The elements:

  • Base grids: these are great for creating the classic look of a grid disappearing into the horizon. There are also a few grids viewed from the front, which can be used as backgrounds.
  • Simple grid landscapes: same look as the base grids, but with mountains.
  • Glossy grid landscapes: these landscapes have a glossy texture with reflections. The color can be modified using Adjustment layers in Photoshop (for example, Hue/Saturation or Color Balance).
  • Mountains silhouettes: you can put them behind the foreground elements to add depth to your compositions.
  • Skylines: like the mountains silhouettes, they work great as background elements, combined with a simple "infinite grid" at the front, or one of the grid landscape elements.
  • Planets and suns: includes the classic "retro sun" in several color versions, as well as multiple planets, with and without rings. Colors can be modified through adjustment layers, or layer styles (for flat elements).
  • Textures: a selection of textures that will add the final touch to your designs, from scan lines to grunge paper - play around with blending modes for various effects.
  • Space backgrounds: for adding stars & nebulae in the background.

Main features:

  • Includes 8 premade landscapes: these PSD files are fully layered, allowing you to move elements around, modify the settings of the adjustment layers, etc.
  • All elements are provided as high res 300 dpi PNG files, with transparent background.
  • A large variety of objects to create your own 80's inspired landscapes: choose between two different styles of 80's grid landscapes (simple or glossy), as well as suns and planets, skylines and more. (See preview images for an overview of all the elements included in the kit, along with their dimensions in pixels).
  • User guide: this 29 pages PDF document includes various tips for using this kit, including how to modify the color of the elements, add layer effects, use blending modes for the textures, and a little tutorial explaining how create your own landscape using elements from this set.


Compatible with: All, Photoshop CC (premade scenes)

File types: PDF, PSD, PNG

What's included: 1 PDF user guide, 1 PDF contents preview, 8 premade landscapes (PSD format, 3000 x 2000 px), and Elements: 8 base grids, 12 glossy grid landscapes, 16 mountains silhouettes, 16 simple grid landscapes, 12 skylines, 9 space backgrounds, 24 suns & planets, 21 textures. All provided as individual PNG files with transparent backgrounds, arranged by category in different folders

Retro Landscape Kit
Retro Landscape Kit Sale price$15.00