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Space Procreate Brushes

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A set of 24 handmade Procreate brushes for space art.

With these brushes, you can paint your own deep space objects - distant nebulae, galaxies, stars clusters and more - on your iPad!

There's also a little bonus included: a set of 9 color swatches, sampled from Hubble space pictures, to help you get started.

These brushes were created & tested for space art, but I'm sure you can use the nebulae brushes for painting clouds as well.

The set includes a total of 24 brushes:

• 15 nebulae brushes

• 2 nebula smudge brushes

• 3 diffraction spikes brushes

• 2 starfield brushes

• 1 halo/lens flare brush

• 1 soft brush/airbrush

(See swatches pictures for more details).


Compatible with: Procreate


What's included: 24 Procreate brushes in a single .brushset file, 1 bonus swatches file with the color palettes, 1 PDF document with quick tips, and 1 JPG swatches sheet for a quick preview of all the brushes

Space Procreate Brushes
Space Procreate Brushes Sale price$9.00